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Remember, Remember, the fifth of November of the gunpowder treason and plot I know no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot...Happy Guy Fawkes Day all!!!! I hope all are pleased with the election results of last night I'm ok with most of the propositions in fact I'm very pleased that prop 1A we seems to have the go ahead for a high speed bullet train to Southern California and the central valley that will be cheap and create more jobs in this shit economy we seem to have. I'm a little displeased that prop8 seems to have passed and that the state is discriminating against same gender marriages honestly what people do in the bedroom should be none of the states concern let alone the church and if two people who should be so lucky as to love one another and want to get married and then they should it shouldn't matter what sex they are, that kinda irritated me that half the state seems to be filled with bigotry and puritanical disillusionment that if two men or two women marry each other its a threat to marriage as we know it is complete bullshit, anyway enough on prop 8..I'm glad George W.Shrub is a lame duck now and and has a few months left in his eight year reign of stupidity and terror, driving this country into the ground will soon come to a close, so it was a pretty decent night yesterday. Again happy Guy Fawkes Day all.


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