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This really has nothing to do with anything per say it beats watching deliverance I guess I'd just thought I'd throw out a guideline for those who say they're my friends or wish to be I just thought I'd mention things not to do (I think most are pretty common sense)to that would need to make me lose a huge amount of respect for someone who'd do this to me. Don't get me wrong I can tolerate a lot and forgive a lot too, but the things I just can't stand are...
1. Don't lie to me, I'm on honest with my friends and family so I'd like the same courtesey.
2. If a word or promise is given to me honor it, I do my best to keep and honor mine if given to my friends or family.
3. Don't redicule me, especially in public I'm sensitive guy for the most part and do my best not to do that to other people.
4. Don't nag me if I'm asked to do something by friends or family I'll do it no questions asked but on my time and terms this mostly due to the fact I'd rather do the best possible job for the people I care about.
Sorry if I'm a trust honor and loyalty person but thats who I am.


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